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Casino Tour USA

Over 750 U.S. casinos with games, amenities, locations, accommodations, GPS enabled, with "search by" feature. FREE

Hearing Test Pro

Quick, simple and confidential Audiologist designed test to check your hearing. Features complete audio tests, Audiogram. Requires no special equipment. FREE

Negative To Positive

This app applies brain science to erase limiting, subconscious patterns. It leads you through a silent internal process that creates positive change. Use anywhere. FREE

UK Museums

Over 200 museums featuring the most popular exhibits in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Search by city, museum, exhibit. GPS enabled. FREE

Italy Museums

Over 150 museums featuring most popular exhibits in cities of Italy: Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, Milan, Pisa, San Marino, Turin, Vatican. Search by city, museum, exhibit. GPS enabled. FREE

France Museums

Over 150 museums featuring exhibits in all major cities: Paris, Leon, Nice, Marsielles, Toulouse, Cannes, Nantes, Strasbourg, Bordeaux. Search by city, museum, exhibit. GPS enabled. FREE

Museums & Galleries

Essential must-have-on-the-go Museum and Exhibit App for the UK, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy. Search by country, city, exhibit, facility. GPS enabled. FREE

US Military Museums

390 Military Museums from all branches of the military: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard. Search by State, city, exhibit. GPS enabled. FREE

Password Vault

Developed to save your passwords in one place. Features Military Grade Encryption, password protected; store images of credit cards, drivers license, passport as well as passwords. FREE

Stashes & Glasses

Make any head shot photo funny. Add any combination of over 100 mustaches, glasses and beards. Save and share on Facebook and Twitter. FREE

Air Touch Hockey

This application is the best Air Hockey game for the iPhone and iPod to date! Loaded with amazing graphics and sounds. You can play air hockey on 4 different theme hockey tables!

Paper Tossing

Fun action packed paper toss game. Flick the ball and try to get in the bin, but it's harder than it sounds because of a moving fan...Enjoy!

Electric Guitar Pro

TUNE your electric guitar with this App. Play it anywhere, anytime! HD graphics, HQ authentic electric sounds, metronome, volume adjuster, 2 guitar colors, touch indication, strumming.

Balloon Popping Game

Pop all the balloons before they reach the top of the screen! Over 1000 Levels. Crazy Addicting. Different Balloons and speeds. Great graphics and sound.


Get rid of mosquitoes! The highly acclaimed Mosquito Repellent app is user-friendly and beautiful. No chemicals, no sprays... It allows you to choose from 12 different sound frequencies to scare away mosquitoes!


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